5 Key Foot Care Routines Everyone Needs To Do

Foot care routine for men

Let’s be honest here and think for a moment: how often are most people concerned about the look, smell or the feel of their feet? Not often, we know! But total foot care is a mandatory habit that we need to pick and keep all year round.

The Flip Flop Season or the Chilly One

If the summer season is pushing around the corner, it might be the flip flop routine out on the beaches. But let’s not be one of those people who are terrified of taking off their shoes. By focusing on total foot care and adopting it as a sticking habit, you wouldn't have to suffer through the bear claws. There are 5 key total foot care routines that every many need to be aware of.


1. Change your Socks Daily

Your feet get sweaty during the day, and with all those hours you are out, you must change your socks at least once a day. Or change them twice a day for an extra attempt at keeping your feet clean in a total foot care routine. This will reduce any chances of excessive sweating in your socks. Sweat attracts bacteria's growth, which can lead to your feet smelling like they've never smelled before. Wearing breathable fibers like cotton and using antiperspirant on your feet can help put a leash on this issue.


2. Wash your feet with soap and dry them properly

Keep your feet clean by washing them regularly. Many specialists advise people to use antibacterial soap and an exfoliating foot mask to scrub your feet properly for total foot care. This helps to get rid of the dead skin cells and prevent the athlete’s foot. This condition is common in men who don't wear breathable shoes as often as women do. However, it is also equally necessary to dry your feet properly after washing them. Many people ignore the areas between their toes, which slips into more complicated situations with bacterial growth in the damp area.


3. Cut your toenails straight across

Men might not be as keen as women are when it comes to spending time and money getting a proper pedicure. Because of this, they don't give a second thought about grooming their toenails and taking care of their cuticles with a men’s foot care kit. You must sterilize your toenail clipper to get rid of any germs that might cause other complications. Begin by making small cuts and then cutting straight across. Digging at the corners of the toenails causes micro-trauma infections.


4. The use of foot masks

A total foot care routine includes foot masks for a dry feet cure in a short time. They help to trap moisture under the mask layer, so the foot care product is absorbed into the skin properly. They clean the skin thoroughly and ensure lasting results with only 5-10 minutes of mask application.


5. Avoid dissecting a foot problem

Men tend to pick or dissect an abnormality with callus remover instead of focusing on total foot care. If there is a blister, you need to leave it alone. If it opens or tears, clean the area and apply a clean bandage and an antibiotic ointment to ensure total foot care.

Follow a simple total foot care routine regularly to save plenty of time and effort in maintaining healthy feet for the lookers. All you need is proper hygiene and exfoliating foot masks.